Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Cooler Heads Prevail

The Spokane River Association Board of Directors, along with our partners, the Coeur d’Alene Lake Property OwnersAssociation, have been working to slow down and make some changes to the County’s proposed Land Use Code.  This Code as originally proposed would have had a huge negative impact on the property rights of waterfront property owners.  As originally proposed it would have had a 75 foot buffer zone back from the water where no building or landscaping could occur.

Due to the public outcry the Commissioners have regrouped and are trying to decide how to proceed.  They asked the consultant, Kendig-Keast to prepare a prospectus that was a summary of what to do to move forward, and were told this would cost $5,000.  The consultant maintains they have exhausted the $300,000 plus that was originally contracted for by the Commissioners, and that they were only on Phase 3, of what they saw as a 6 Phase project.  The Commissioners were under the impression the original contract was for a fixed amount to complete the project.  The Consultant has proposed a new contract for an additional $100,000 to complete the project.  The Commissioners are going to review the $5,000 prospectus, before deciding whether to spend additional money with the Consultant. 

It is unknown what the Commissioners will do next.  They could try to fix up what they have in-house, they could contract with Kendig-Keast or another consultant or they could try to fix the old code.  We will stay on top of the issue and keep you informed as events warrant


 In other news from the Community Development Department, Scott Clark has been recently removed as Director and reassigned to a Long Range Planning Position.  A new Community Development Director is being hired.

The efforts made by individual members of the SRA and CLPOA had a significant impact the Commissioners taking a step back.  Our elected officials do listen to the voters, but the voters must stand up and make their voices heard.  This is obviously not the end of this topic and we will be asking you to provide additional input in the future.

ULUC Public Comment Period in Progress

Now is the time for ACTION.  The 60 day comment period is now open and your input is needed. Public meetings being held on June 17th through June 20th.  

Click here to view the document presenting the specific changes SRA and CLPOA are proposing to the Board of County Commissions. Your individual input is need and valuable. We are encouraging all members of Spokane River Association to email their comments on the proposed Uniform Land Use Code to Scott Clark at .  

Comments need to be received by the County no later than noon on June 17.  The public is also encouraged to attend one of the hearings and provide their comments in person.  The hearings are scheduled to start at 6:00 p.m. every evening from June 17 through June 20 at the County Administration Building.  More information on the hearings is available on the project website at