Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Water Levels

Water Information Recording - Idaho: 208.769.1357

Normal Summer Elevation
= 2128    
(Avista's Legal Low limit = 2120.5)

Maximum Recorded Elevation = 2139.05 (+11.05)  

Minimum Recorded Elevation = 2119.90 (-8.1)

Average Yearly Maximum Elevation = 2131.5 (+3.5)
Average Yearly Minimum Elevation = 2122.5 (-5.5)

Link to current river levels at Post Falls

Link to current water levels Cd'A Lake,00060


Avista Operations Overview

  • Operational decisions are based upon snow pack, precipitation and temperature forecasts.  Forecasts are highly variable due to the relatively low elevation of the Coeur d'Alene basin.
  • Flood control concerns overlie all of the balancing of generation, navigation, recreation, fish and aesthetic concerns.
  • Avista takes control of the lake level in the Spring only after inflows recede, the lake is below 2128' and inflows are forecast to continue to trained downward (typically between late May and early July.)
  • The initial closing of spill gates at Post Falls begins to fill the nine mile stretch of river between Cd'A and Post Falls.
  • Avista attempt to hold the lake at or near the summer elevation of 2128 through Labor Day (subject to a 300 CFS minimum flow requirement).
  • The annual draft of the lake generally begins a week after Labor Day and proceeds at a rate of roughly 1.5 foot per month.
  • By the first of January, Post Falls is passing all that's possible through the natural outlet restriction.