Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Spokane River Association History

The Spokane River Association (SRA) was founded in June of 1987 by Duane Jacklin, James Magnuson and Bob Templin. The organization was initially named the Spokane River Property Owners Association (SRPOA). The purpose of forming the association was to ensure clean water, safe recreational use, prevent beach erosion and protect the habitat of native wildlife. 

One of their first programs was the Citizens Volunteer Monitoring Program (CVMP). It was initiated in 1988 to conduct regular water testing of the Spokane River. Under the guidance of Bob Rosin and Rusty Sheppard, water samples were collected from various river locations and the results were logged and monitored. Rusty Sheppard is still an active board member, while the water testing responsibilities have been assumed by Ross Walkinshaw, another longtime board member. 

Nearly twenty years later, those original objectives remain as priorities. However the role of your association has expanded significantly. The EPA’s Superfund, Avista’s re-licensing of the Post Falls Dam, effluent discharge by municipal treatment plants, skyrocketing property taxes, seasonal water levels and the unprecedented growth and development of our shorelines are some of the additional challenges your board of directors pursues. 

Board of Director meetings are held quarterly, on the third Monday of the month. Members are always welcome.  Please let us know you are coming so we can accommodate you.  In addition, several of your board members attend numerous weekly meetings and hearings that relate to the Spokane River and the quality of life it provides.

The Spokane River Association is a nonprofit organization. Our income is generated solely through membership dues ($50 per year) and newsletter advertising revenues. SRA funds may be used for river related legal fees, safety products, printing and publications, postage and supplemental costs pertaining to our annual membership meetings.